THC Caps? Jose Oliva wants one on all forms of medical marijuana

THC cap? Jose Oliva wants one on all forms of medical cannabis

Flower and concentrates would be affected.

The concept of a 10% THC cap on medical cannabis has been floated without success in Tallahassee, but the House Speaker would like to revisit the proposal.

Whereas what has been contemplated is a 10% cap on flower (“mids,” as they call it on the street), Rep. Jose Oliva believes that a cap on the level of the psychoactive compound makes sense for all cannabis products.

“I think it’s important that we pass it,” Oliva said Thursday after the House adjourned.

“We’re seeing different strains now in Europe that are 100 times stronger, and we’re starting to learn that this has some schizophrenic results, especially in young, developing brains.”

“It is in fact a priority for us,” Oliva added.

“In talking with the Senate President over the summer, he felt it was important to take a serious look at this,” Oliva noted. “Again, I think it’s still early, and I feel confident we’ll be able to get something done.”While flower in Florida’s medical cannabis program includes low-THC strains such as Charlotte’s Web and ACDC, patients typically prize variants more laden with THC.

Levels currently approach 25% with some strains’ most favorable grows.

However, that number pales in comparison to vapes, dabs and other assorted distillates, where concentrations of the substance can be as high as 90%.

“We would like to see a general THC limit,” Oliva said.

Ahead of the Legislative Session, House committees heard cautionary tales about pernicious cannabis, with experts and skeptics drawing links between marijuana legalization and underworld nefarity.

Despite the House’s apparent goal, legislation is not moving to impose that cap.

And one prominent Senator from Oliva’s party is skeptical.

Sen. Rob Bradley, the Senate budget chair, said “this is not a new concept. It was discussed last Session.”

“We actually don’t have a bill in the Senate that does that right now that I’m aware of. We’ve never had a hearing on it,” Bradley said.

“What I said before and I’ll say again is I’m open to having any discussion on health policy matters,” Bradley said.

“Let’s hear what the argument is. I’ve never really heard the argument. I’ve heard some anecdotal things about why it’s a good idea or a bad idea. But I’ve never heard a long, substantive presentation at a hearing on the matter,” Bradley added.

“I’m sure I’m like many of my fellow Senators that we’re going to reserve judgement until we hear those arguments,” the Senator continued.



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