Standing up for Florida patients

Wow! Just wow.

Florida for Care's members and supporters really stepped up in a big way this last few days and you all deserve and equally big "Thank you!" for how quickly you mobilized on behalf of patients access - and against an arbitrary (and extraordinary!) tax on Florida patients.

I just wanted to take a moment to share - and brag about! - how patients, caregivers, and advocates from all over Florida stepped up and made their voices heard by calling, emailing, tweeting at, and Facebooking their state representatives.

Only since Friday, 421 of you have contacted your legislators, which has resulted in:

- 450 total engagements with state reps
- 401 emails
- 29 calls
- 20 contacts on social media

And this is the statistic I am most proud of: 104 member of the state house - or 87 percent of the entire membership of the House! - received messages from you opposing THC caps, many of them more than once.

That's all. Just wanted to say "thanks!" and brag a little about our efforts since Friday afternoon.

The 2021 Legislative session doesn't even officially start for another 3 weeks, so this won't be the last big push we make to light up the phones in Tallahassee. And I know we'll keep stepping up every time.

Thanks so much for everything, 

Ben Pollara, Florida for Care


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