DeSantis: Thank you for Opposing THC Caps

Please sign our petition urging Gov. DeSantis to stand up for patients and oppose a new MMJ tax in the form of THC caps.

Governor DeSantis,

When on Monday, March 29th, 2021 you told the public that THC caps were "not something I'm endorsing", over a half million Florida patients were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

We, the undersigned patients, caregivers, physicians and medical marijuana advocates simply wanted to thank you for siding with patients - as you did when you signed into law the bill allowing smoking medical marijuana - and urge you to hold firm in your position against THC caps and for Florida patients.

Who's signing

Tracy Rearick
Eileen Tirado
Richard Sullivan
Kathryn Kennedy
Mitchell Hollingsworth
Sue martin
Melissa Riley
Alyssa Dunman
Michael Yacovone
Natasha Williams
Thomasina Lopiccolo
Sophia Rodriguez
Patricia Wallace
Sally Murphy
Lewis McDowell
James Robbins
James DiPalma
James Printy
Matthew Estrada
Trainia Connaughton
Edward O'Donnell
Blair Lauver
Myra Dewhurst
Chris Sharpless
Dulan Woods
Bailey Agulia
Michael mccabe
Lj Dennehy
Marcia Mccrary
Ailin Zhang
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