Take Action - Send a message to your legislators!

Over 71% of Floridians voted "yes" for Amendment 2 last November. Now the legislature is working to implement the law and they need to hear our voices again.

They need to know we're paying attention. They need to remember they are implementing the will of 71% of Floridians.

So far, the Florida Senate seems to be listening. The Florida House on the other hand, has written a law - HB 1397 - for the less than 29% who voted "no".

Tell your Senator you appreciate their efforts to pass medical marijuana legislation that respects the constitution and provides
patient access. Ask your Senator to keep fighting for access to good, affordable medicine for sick and suffering patients.

Tell your a Representative to oppose HB 1397. It bans virtually all forms of consumption - smoking, vaping and eating - and maintains the 90-day waiting period for first time patients.

Tell them to write a law that respects your vote and the Florida constitution.

Please enter your address in the field below - then call and/or email the legislators for your area now!