Should Florida legalize recreational marijuana use? | Poll

Florida now has a thriving medical marijuana industry as dispensaries are offering more whole flower instead of oils, vapes and other forms. That follows Gov. Ron DeSantis electing not to appeal a court decision that found the state legislature had screwed up in banning smokable marijuana.

Recreational marijuana use, on the other hand, remains illegal. But two constitutional amendments are currently in the signature-gathering phase in trying to get on the ballot in 2020, both of which would result in legalizing it.

One amendment would allow Floridians to grow their own pot and establishes rules and regulations toward that effect. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has challenged that amendment in court, arguing it is too long and confusing. The other would simply allow the current medical marijuana dispensaries to sell for recreational use. That simpler amendment has not been challenged or supported by Moody. Unsurprisingly, medical marijuana dispensaries are among that amendment’s strongest supporters; the industry has donated more than $2.8 million to the cause.

We want to know whether you support the idea. Should recreational marijuana use be legalized in Florida? Take our unscientific poll below as we gauge public sentiment heading toward 2020.

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