PRESS: Former Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp to Advocate for Florida Medical Marijuana Legislation

(Tallahassee, FL)  Former Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp is now advocating on behalf of Florida for Care, the organization pushing for comprehensive medical marijuana legislation.  

A separate effort from the new ballot petition introduced last week, Florida for Care's work is purely centered on legislature, and working with both parties to secure access for patients with debilitating medical conditions. 

"Former Lt. Governor Kottkamp's vast understanding of legislative politics and his experience leading the Governor's Office of Drug Control will, without question, be a huge boost to our efforts," said Daniel Rogers, Florida for Care's Director of Legislative Affairs.

"I'm proud to work with Florida for Care on this very important mission.  We have a unique opportunity to bring something compassionate to the table - and respond to the majority of Floridians - 58% who supported medical marijuana in the last election," said Jeff Kottkamp.

Kottkamp's efforts on behalf of Florida for Care are also personal to him:  

"Like so many other Floridians who back medical marijuana, I have my own story. I watched my mother suffer with cancer for 10 years. I think when we have loved ones and think there is any way to alleviate their suffering, how can we not do whatever it takes?" Kottkamp said.

Over 3.3 million people - 58% of voters supported medical marijuana in the 2014 election, garnering roughly 500,000 more voted than Gov. Rick Scott and more than 900,000 than the opposition. voted in favor of medical marijuana in 2014.



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