No THC caps, No MMJ Tax

The Florida legislature is back at it: trying to cap THC levels in smokeable medical marijuana, effectively enacting a giant tax on medical cannabis in Florida.

Click the link below to sign on to our petition calling on the Florida House and Senate to oppose a THC tax on Florida patients. 

The Florida legislature wants you to pay 50% more for medical marijuana. Tell them NO. 

***The legislature should oppose any effort to tax patients by imposing arbitrary THC caps on medical marijuana***
***THC caps equal an MMJ tax on patients- period***
***THC caps means that patients will smoke more, pay more and buy more medical marijuana to achieve the same effect***
***THC caps will force vulnerable, immunocompromised patients to the black market***

- The Florida Legislature continues to try and place arbitrary limits on the THC content of smokeable medical marijuana - capping the THC percentages at 10% for any flower sold in an MMTC.

- Capping THC levels in flower would impose a giant tax on medical marijuana patients and caregivers in Florida.

- The average *minimum* THC content for most flower sold in Florida MMTCs is around 15%, with most strains in the 15-25% range of THC percentages.

- That means a 10% cap would equal at least a 50% price increase on the cost of flower and up to 150% or more increase.

- In addition to the potential cost increase, THC caps mean patients have to *smoke* between 50-150% more marijuana to achieve the same or similar medicinal effect.

- THC percentages are not necessarily the most important thing to patients, but they absolutely matter. For the vast majority of patients, there is a direct correlation between the amount of THC consumed and both the strength and duration of the patient’s medicinal relief.





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