Support Florida for Care's efforts to fight THC caps

The Florida House is clearly headed towards laws capping THC in flower sold at MMTCs in our state. A 10% THC cap (which the House proposed and passed-it died in the Senate-only a year ago) would mean a 50-150% increase on the price of flower in Florida.
A giant tax on medical marijuana. 
Florida for Care is leading the charge to stand up for patients and fight these arbitrary caps that would cause severe harm to already suffering Florida patients. Will you help us keep up the fight by making a donation today? 
$5, $10, $25, $420 ;) any donation will be put towards our efforts to fight THC caps this legislative session.  

Who's donating

Cynthia Bluewater
Craig Doering
David Lemke
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Donald Gilreath
Joseph Hinkley
Michael Brudny
David Corn
Frank Smith
Larry Heiny
Christine Nicolicchia
christopher white
Ronald McGraw
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