Miami Beach dispensary ban


This WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th, the Miami Beach City Commission is considering a BAN on medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits. 



Call or email Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber and let him know you oppose the Miami Beach plan to restrict patient access. 80% of Miami Beach voters supported Amendment 2 in 2016, this is NOT what the residents of the City want. 


Email Mayor Dan Gelber: [email protected]

Commissioners listed below 


Call Mayor Dan Gelber: 305-673-7035


Tell the Mayor "This is NOT what we voted for. Miami Beach patients deserve access."


Here are the facts: 

- In 2016, 71% of Floridians approved Amendment 2 - legalizing medical marijuana in Florida - and 80% of Miami Beach voters supported Amendment 2 that year. 

- Joy Malakoff, an UNELECTED member of the Miami Beach City Commission, has proposed changing the law to BAN medical marijuana dispensaries in Miami Beach. 

- Miami Beach ALREADY has one of the most restrictive laws on medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida! Since medical marijuana was legalized in 2016, only a SINGLE dispensary has open on the Beach. 

- The City Commission and Mayor will hear Malakoff's proposal this WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th. 

- Residents of Miami Beach can speak publicly from 8 am to 9 am at the "Sutnik Hour" for up to three minutes - if you live in Miami Beach, please come and make your voice heard!!!

- IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN MIAMI BEACH: Please come and show support! There are only a handful of dispensaries in Miami-Dade County - a ban in Miami Beach would hurt patient access across South Florida. 

Where: Miami Beach City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive 3rd Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139

When: 8AM Wed March 13th

Who to contact with questions: Jessica Landsberg, [email protected]

We need residents to come Residents can speak for 3 minutes during Sutnick hour, about why this doesn't work and give their suggestions. Some things we have heard are:

"Delivery is not enough, they only deliver once in my area"

"Patients shouldn't have to leave their homes or doctors to travel to the closest dispensary if they are unable to wait"

"Patients may not be able to get delivery at work, home, or be there the 1 day per week most dispensaries deliver and some will not deliver all of their products at all times some are only sold on locations"

"This all costs patients more money and for them to leave Miami Beach, delivery drivers increase traffic, and dont contribute to Miami Beach economy"

"These are not even like CVS or Walgreens as they only carry products they produce, meaning 1-3 is not enough by any means"


Tell your personal story and how these bans will be bad for patients!


Mayor and Commissioner Contact information 

Mayor Gelber phone: 3056737035
Mayor Gelber email: [email protected]

Commissioner Micky Steinberg phone: 305.673.7103
Commissioner Micky Steinberg email: [email protected]

Commissioner Mark Samuelian phone: 305.673.7104
Commissioner Mark Samuelian email: [email protected]

Commissioner Michael Góngora phone:305.673.7106
Commissioner Michael Góngora email: [email protected]

Commissioner Joy Malakoff phone: 305.673.7125
Commissioner Joy Malakoff  email: [email protected]

Commissioner Ricky Arriola phone: 305.673.7107
Commissioner Ricky Arriola email: [email protected]

Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán phone: 305.673.7102
Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán email: [email protected]



After vote switch, marijuana smoking bill advances in Senate

FL Politics -Jim Rosica

The Senate Health Policy Committee on Monday OK’d the bill (SB 182) by Sen. Jeff Brandes, a St. Petersburg Republican, but that was after amending it with language from chair Gayle Harrell, a Stuart Republican and health care consultant, that divided the panel.

The legislation first died on a 5-5 tie vote, was revived on a motion to reconsider, and the affirmative vote by Rouson, a St. Petersburg Democrat, put it over the top. Rouson said he changed his vote to move the bill along and ensure it wasn’t dead for the 2019 Legislative Session, which starts March 5.


Lawmakers poised to let sick Floridians smoke medical marijuana

Florida Pheonix - Lloyd Dunkelberger

The Florida House and Senate are poised to take up smokable pot bills in the first week of the 2019 session.

There are some differences in the bills that will have to be worked out. The House bill (HB 7015) allows adults to use smokable marijuana, but it prohibits the dispensaries from selling other whole-flower products. The House bill also bans children from smoking.

The Senate bill (SB 182) would require marijuana dispensaries to sell at least one type of pre-rolled, filter-less cigarettes and allow them to sell other whole-flower products. It would allow sick children to smoke if approved by a second opinion from a pediatrician.

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who recently appointed the state’s first cannabis director, says she supports the legislation with the “least amount of restrictions.”



Marijuana Won The Midterm Elections


By Tom Angell

Tuesday’s election results were a mixed bag for partisans: Democrats regained control of the House, while Republicans extended their Senate majority.

But one clear winner in the midterm elections was marijuana.

Michigan voters approved a ballot measure making their state the first in the midwest to legalize cannabis.

Missouri approved an initiative to allow medical marijuana, as did Utah.

Voters in several Ohio cities approved local marijuana decriminalization measures, and a number of Wisconsin counties and cities strongly approved non-binding ballot questions calling for cannabis reform.

Read the full article here 


3 More States OK Easing Their Marijuana Laws: Michigan, Utah, Missouri


Brian Chapell

Voters in Michigan approved a ballot measure to legalize recreational use of marijuana on Tuesday, and two other states — Missouri and Utah — endorsed medical marijuana laws. Voters in North Dakota didn’t partake, rejecting a measure to legalize recreational marijuana use.

There are now 33 U.S. states that have legalized marijuana to some degree, and recreational pot use is now legal in 10 states, along with Washington, D.C. But possessing, selling or using marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

Coming into the Nov. 6 vote, both Michigan and North Dakota already had medical marijuana laws in place. Utah and Missouri didn’t have far-reaching legislation on the books, though Missouri had lightened the potential penalties for first-time offenses.

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Carlos Curbelo Calls on Jeff Sessions, DOJ to Get Out of the Way of Medical Marijuana Research

Sunshine State News 

By Kevin Derby 

U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., is calling on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to allow more companies to research how Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be used for medicinal purposes.

Noting that the federal Drug Enforcement Agency had approved plans for Tilray, a company based out of British Columbia, to import CBD and THC for studies on how to treat nerve pain, Curbelo called on the U.S. Department of Justice to get out of the way of domestic companies trying to do the same thing. 

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Tallahassee should fulfill voters’ wishes on medical marijuana, influencers say

Miami Herald

By Adam Wollner

Nearly two years after Florida voters approved the use of medical marijuana, Tallahassee needs to implement the policy more effectively, but state officials should not take the extra step of legalizing the drug completely.

That’s the view of the Florida Influencers, a panel of the state’s leading voices from across the political and policy spectrum. In a new survey, 85 percent said Florida officials should make it easier for qualifying patients to obtain medical marijuana, while 15 percent said they should not.


We asked Florida candidates if they’ve smoked marijuana. Here’s what they said.

Tampa Bay Times - The Buzz

Steve Contorno

Marijuana use is on the rise in the United States. A federal drug survey released last month found half of American adults have tried marijuana once in their life, the high point of the last 20 years. As marijuana grows more ubiquitous, sentiments about the drug have shifted, too. More Americans than ever, 62 percent, believe marijuana should be legalized, according to Pew Research Center, a complete reversal from a decade ago.

Florida's next class of elected leaders will confront these changing attitudes. Will they do so from a position of personal experience?

Four of the 12 candidates acknowledged prior marijuana use, including the Democratic nominee for governor, Andrew Gillum. "Many years ago," his spokeswoman Johanna Cervone said. Gillum has advocated for legalizing marijuana and taxing it. So has Nikki Fried who is running on the platform of Cannabis, who responded, "Of course I have". 

Five candidates said they have never smoked. Three wouldn't respond, all Republicans: gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis, his running mate Jeanette Núñez and Ashley Moody, a candidate for attorney general. In a primary debate, DeSantis came out against legalization.

read the full article HERE



Republicans and Democrats gathering for medical marijuana

Tampa Bay Times - The Buzz

By: Adam C. Smith

TAMPA BAY, FL - This is the first election cycle where medical marijuana stands to be a significant issue for political campaigns. The medical marijuana advocacy group Empowering Wellness will host a bi-partisan conference in St. Petersburg Oct. 6 featuring marijuana friendly elected officials and industry representatives wanting to expand patient access to cannabis. Co-sponsors include U.S. Reps. Charlie Cris, D-St. Petersburg and Darren Soto, D-Orlando and state Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg. 

Read the full article here:


Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opening its Doors in Sarasota


By: 10 News Staff

SARASOTA, Fla.—The medical cannabis dispensary opened by Alt-Med Florida off Fruitville Road in Sarasota will be the first of its kind. The dispensary, called Muv, will grow, extract and manufacture all its THC and CBD products right there. The company opened a similar dispensary in Apollo Beach last year and have another 23 planned.

Company officials said the staff wouldn’t be like what people would expect at a medical marijuana dispensary.

Like other dispensaries, you must consult with a doctor before being able to purchase medical marijuana products.


Learn more at




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