Patients face Discrimination at Work and School

When Kaitlin McKeon was confronted with the results of her drug test, she already knew what it would show: positive for marijuana. Before she'd even enrolled in the nursing program at Nova Southeastern University, the bubbly then-23-year-old had told school officials she had a medical marijuana card and used the drug to relieve her chronic stomach pain.

The surprise was the next part: Because she'd failed the test, she was being recommended for dismissal. The director of the school's entry-level nursing program, Lori Lupe, handed the eager, first-year student a letter declaring she had violated the school's zero-tolerance drug policy. McKeon was so stunned she barely defended herself. She left the February 2018 meeting and cried.

Initially recruited to swim at Nova Southeastern straight out of high school, McKeon had to postpone her college plans because of health problems that began with a severe stomach bleed. Now her life was being thrown off-course again — this time by the very thing that had finally helped her feel better.


Meet Holly Bell, Florida’s Mother Of Marijuana

Meet Holly Bell, Florida’s Mother Of Marijuana

One day six years ago, Holly Bell was rummaging through her daughter’s Volkswagen when she stumbled upon an identification card. It was issued from a medical marijuana registry in Los Angeles, California. She stared at Hilary’s face on the card, fascinated but not surprised.

“I mean I grew up in an era where everybody smoked pot. It was no big deal,” Bell says.

She can laugh about it now but back then, she had a slew of questions for her daughter.

In her answers, Hilary described how medical marijuana relaxed her muscles and soothed her anxiety – both crippling symptoms of a congenital disease; she was born 10 weeks premature and with mild cerebral palsy.

Today, Hilary Bell, 28, works as a film writer in Nashville, where medical marijuana is still illegal. And Bell has recently been named the first-ever cannabis director of Florida, where the regulation and use of cannabis remains a political hot topic.

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Florida Is the Nation's Fastest-Growing Medical Marijuana Market

Florida Is the Nation's Fastest-Growing Medical Marijuana Market
Miami New Times, by 

Despite ongoing efforts by the Florida Legislature to thwart the will of the people, Florida likely has the fastest- growing medical marijuana program in the nation.

More than 213,000 people are enrolled, with 10,000-plus signing up every month.

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Florida Legislature Won't Cap the THC Levels in Medical Marijuana After All

Florida Legislature Won't Cap the THC Levels in Medical Marijuana After All

Florida Pheonix, by Lloyd Dunkelberger

A plan to limit medical marijuana’s potency went up in smoke as the 2019 Legislature moves to a conclusion.

Earlier this spring, lawmakers passed a bill and Gov. Ron DeSantis signed it into law, allowing Floridians who have debilitating diseases to smoke medical marijuana. Advocates say the law carries out of the will of Florida voters who overwhelmingly approved a 2016 state constitutional amendment to allow medical marijuana.

But later in the legislative session, the Florida House advanced a bill to limit the level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the chemical agent that causes the high – to no more than 10 percent in whole-flower products. But the bill (HB 7117) stalled.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried opposed the legislation.


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10% THC cap moving forward

Florida Politics 

Florida could be first state to limit THC in smokable medical marijuana

A legislative proposal could make Florida the first state to regulate tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, levels in smokable medical marijuana.

Rep. Ray Rodrigues, an Estero Republican, earlier this year sponsored legislation (HB 7117) to limit the levels.

The bill was sent to the House floor but awaits a vote. The Senate has not acted on the issue.

Now, Rodrigues has filed an amendment with the 10 percent THC cap to a health care licensing bill (SB 188) already passed by the Senate. He wants the measure added before the House approves the legislation.

That bill, on the “special order” calendar, is scheduled to be heard in the House Tuesday night. That means members can ask questions about the measure and offer amendments.


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10% Cap on THC

The House Appropriations Committee will be taking HB 7117 up tomorrow Tuesday 4/9 at 10:30 AM for a VOTE. Last Wednesday morning over objections from many lawmakers, the Health and Human Services Committee of the Florida House approved PCB HHS 19-02 from Ray Rodrigues which became HB 7117.

This bill has a lot of VERY BAD issues mixed in with a few good things like a veteran ID card discount FFC has been fighting for and emergency rulemaking. See some of these below and read the full bill as well, but before you do that make sure you CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS below and tell them about all of the negatives in this bill for patients. They are so BAD many veterans went all the way to Tallahassee to speak against this! (Video below) These need to be amended, or they need to NOT pass this bill!! 71% of Florida did not vote for 10%! Patients are just asking that the legislature give them what 71% of Florida voted for, whole cannabis medicine! Call Your Elected Officials!

HB 7117 is Negative for Patients because it would:
-Cap THC Limits to 10% on flower products
-Further limit patients to a 35 day supply
-Add further limitations for 18+ and pediatric patients
-Push back testing regulations further

Here is the bottom line:

-This bill will actually make patients have to smoke more to get the relief they need (The House led the charge against smoking and now will cause more for patients to get the relief they need)

-This bill will basically be a tax on patients (Patients will have to spend and consume more driving them to the black market)

-They want to test to make sure THC isn't too high, is that for just THC, or THC-A & THC-B or anything else?(Do they know there is more then just THC and CBD in this plant? They havent even gotten their testing or research regulations implemented correctly and yet keep adding more)

-Limiting THC will not stop with just edibles and smoked cannabis, they will claim this about other products next if they can find one study to back up their claim (This is AS BAD OR WORSE then their genius idea for a 90 day wait way back)

-This bill needs its negatives amended or this bill must be stopped. 71% Did not vote for 10% limitations and they are asking for lawsuits all while hurting patients AGAIN! Maybe they should amend it to 71%!

You can find the full Bill details here:…/Bills/billsdetail.aspx…

If you can contact your legislators the best way is to do so is below:
Appropriations Committee

W. Travis Cummings (R)
(850) 717-5018

Vice Chair
Dane Eagle (R)
(850) 717-5077

Democratic Ranking Member
Kionne L. McGhee (D)
(850) 717-5117

Bryan Avila (R)
(850) 717-5111

Cord Byrd (R)
(850) 717-5011

Ben Diamond (D)
(850) 717-5068

Bobby DuBose (D)
(850) 717-5094

Nicholas X. Duran (D)
(850) 717-5112

Joe Geller (D)
(850) 717-5100

Kristin Jacobs (D)
(850) 717-5096

Evan Jenne (D)
(850) 717-5099

Mike La Rosa (R)
(850) 717-5042

Chris Latvala (R)
(850) 717-5067

Thomas J. ''Tom'' Leek (R)
(850) 717-5025

MaryLynn Magar (R)
(850) 717-5082

Ralph Massullo, Jr. (R)
(850) 717-5034

Cary Pigman (R)
(850) 717-5055

Scott Plakon (R)
(850) 717-5029

Rene Plasencia (R)
(850) 717-5050

Holly Merrill Raschein (R)
(850) 717-5120

Paul Renner (R)
(850) 717-5024

Ray Wesley Rodrigues (R)
(850) 717-5076

Carlos Guillermo Smith (D)
(850) 717-5049

Chris Sprowls (R)
(850) 717-5065

Richard Stark (D)
(850) 717-5104

Jay Trumbull (R)
(850) 717-5006

Barbara Watson (D)

(850) 717-5107

Jayer Williamson (R)
850) 717-5003

Clay Yarborough (R)
(850) 717-5012

Appropriations Committee Hearing: Tuesday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Webster Hall 212 Knott Click Appear at meeting


Smokeable Flower Available in Florida!

Fired up: Trulieve Tallahassee dispensary first to sell smokable medical marijuana in Florida

, Tallahassee Democrat

Three days after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law revoking a ban on smokable medical marijuana, Trulieve scored the first sale of whole-flower bud in Florida this morning at its Tallahassee dispensary.

Trulieve’s smokable product will be sold at all 26 of the medical marijuana treatment center's dispensaries, including Pensacola, Melbourne, Fort Myers, Vero Beach, and Miami. The cannabis will be available in a rotating selection of popular strains and forms, including pre-roll.

Smokeable Flower has been SIGNED INTO LAW

Up in smoke: Gov. DeSantis signs Bill into law killing ban on smokable medical marijuana

, Tallahassee Democrat

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the first bill of his administration into law today, lifting a ban on the sale of smokable medical marijuana by licensed dispensaries.

He also filed a joint motion in state appellate court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by medical marijuana advocates against the state challenging the constitutionality of a 2017 law that made smokable medical marijuana illegal.

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Proposed BAN on Miami Beach

Miami Beach officially dropped the ban proposal on March 13 after the public sutnick hour and having received many emails opposing.

watch the meeting HERE


Miami Beach dispensary ban


This WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th, the Miami Beach City Commission is considering a BAN on medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits. 



Call or email Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber and let him know you oppose the Miami Beach plan to restrict patient access. 80% of Miami Beach voters supported Amendment 2 in 2016, this is NOT what the residents of the City want. 


Email Mayor Dan Gelber:

Commissioners listed below 


Call Mayor Dan Gelber: 305-673-7035


Tell the Mayor "This is NOT what we voted for. Miami Beach patients deserve access."


Here are the facts: 

- In 2016, 71% of Floridians approved Amendment 2 - legalizing medical marijuana in Florida - and 80% of Miami Beach voters supported Amendment 2 that year. 

- Joy Malakoff, an UNELECTED member of the Miami Beach City Commission, has proposed changing the law to BAN medical marijuana dispensaries in Miami Beach. 

- Miami Beach ALREADY has one of the most restrictive laws on medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida! Since medical marijuana was legalized in 2016, only a SINGLE dispensary has open on the Beach. 

- The City Commission and Mayor will hear Malakoff's proposal this WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th. 

- Residents of Miami Beach can speak publicly from 8 am to 9 am at the "Sutnik Hour" for up to three minutes - if you live in Miami Beach, please come and make your voice heard!!!

- IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN MIAMI BEACH: Please come and show support! There are only a handful of dispensaries in Miami-Dade County - a ban in Miami Beach would hurt patient access across South Florida. 

Where: Miami Beach City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive 3rd Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139

When: 8AM Wed March 13th

Who to contact with questions: Jessica Landsberg,

We need residents to come Residents can speak for 3 minutes during Sutnick hour, about why this doesn't work and give their suggestions. Some things we have heard are:

"Delivery is not enough, they only deliver once in my area"

"Patients shouldn't have to leave their homes or doctors to travel to the closest dispensary if they are unable to wait"

"Patients may not be able to get delivery at work, home, or be there the 1 day per week most dispensaries deliver and some will not deliver all of their products at all times some are only sold on locations"

"This all costs patients more money and for them to leave Miami Beach, delivery drivers increase traffic, and dont contribute to Miami Beach economy"

"These are not even like CVS or Walgreens as they only carry products they produce, meaning 1-3 is not enough by any means"


Tell your personal story and how these bans will be bad for patients!


Mayor and Commissioner Contact information 

Mayor Gelber phone: 3056737035
Mayor Gelber email:

Commissioner Micky Steinberg phone: 305.673.7103
Commissioner Micky Steinberg email:

Commissioner Mark Samuelian phone: 305.673.7104
Commissioner Mark Samuelian email:

Commissioner Michael Góngora phone:305.673.7106
Commissioner Michael Góngora email:

Commissioner Joy Malakoff phone: 305.673.7125
Commissioner Joy Malakoff  email:

Commissioner Ricky Arriola phone: 305.673.7107
Commissioner Ricky Arriola email:

Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán phone: 305.673.7102
Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán email:





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