Lawmakers want a 50%+ price increase for patients

The Florida House is back at it: trying to cap THC levels in smokeable medical marijuana, effectively enacting a giant tax on medical cannabis in Florida.

Enter your home address at the link below to find your representative, and then call, email, or contact your State Rep on social media and tell them to oppose this new MMJ tax on Florida patients and caregivers!

The Florida House of Representatives wants you to pay 50% more for medical marijuana. Tell them NO. 

***The legislature should oppose any effort to tax patients by imposing arbitrary THC caps on medical marijuana***
***THC caps equal an MMJ tax on patients- period***
***THC caps means that patients will smoke more, pay more and buy more medical marijuana to achieve the same effect***
***THC caps will force vulnerable, immunocompromised patients to the black market***

- The Florida Legislature continues to try and place arbitrary limits on the THC content of smokeable medical marijuana - capping the THC percentages at 10% for any flower sold in an MMTC.

- Capping THC levels in flower would impose a giant tax on medical marijuana patients and caregivers in Florida.

- The average *minimum* THC content for most flower sold in Florida MMTCs is around 15%, with most strains in the 15-25% range of THC percentages.

- That means a 10% cap would equal at least a 50% price increase on the cost of flower and up to 150% or more increase.

- In addition to the potential cost increase, THC caps mean patients have to *smoke* between 50-150% more marijuana to achieve the same or similar medicinal effect.

- THC percentages are not necessarily the most important thing to patients, but they absolutely matter. For the vast majority of patients, there is a direct correlation between the amount of THC consumed and both the strength and duration of the patient’s medicinal relief.


Lawmakers seek to protect public employees who use medical marijuana from retaliation

Florida Politics

In 2016, Florida voters approved an amendment legalizing marijuana for medical use. In the 2019 Session, the Legislature approved a bill allowing...


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Medical Marijuana Prescription Puts Womans Professional Liscense at Risk


WJHG, TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITAL NEWS) -Floridians have been legally prescribed medical marijuana since 2017, but there’s nothing in state law that prohibits employers from discriminating against patients. Advocates are hoping 2021 will bring employment protections for the state’s nearly half-million medical marijuana patients.

Megan Kahn graduated with a degree in social work last year. She got her professional license soon after and around the same time was prescribed medical marijuana. Then she got a job offer in her field. “I sent in all my documentation. I sent in a picture of my card and my prescription. Everything,” said Kahn. But the job offer was revoked when THC showed up in her drug test. “This is a clear cut case of medical discrimination,” said Josephine Cannella-Krehl, founder of MMJ Knowledge...

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GOP Congressman Files Bill to Protect Veterans Who Use Medical Marijuana from Losing Benefits

By: Kyle Jaeger

A Republican congressman has filed the second piece of marijuana reform legislation to be introduced so far in the new 117th Congress—this one aimed at ensuring that military veterans aren’t penalized for using medical cannabis in compliance with state law.

The proposal from Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), who filed a more expansive version of the measure last year, would also codify that U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors are allowed to discuss the risks and benefits of marijuana with their patients.

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A Florida man who spent 31 years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana crime has been released

Updated 3:45 PM ET, Wed December 9, 2020

After spending 31 years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana crime, the man thought to be the longest-serving inmate convicted on cannabis charges in the US has been released.

Richard DeLisi, 71, was released Tuesday from the South Bay Correctional Facility in Palm Beach County, the Florida Department of Corrections confirmed to CNN.
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The Case for a Pro Cannabis Attorney General Explained

  Weedmaps, November 25, 2020  

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Some Doctors May Ask Florida Lawmakers to Reverse Course allowing Medical Marijuana to be Smoked

Watch the Video Clip Link Here

via Florida Channel November 2020


Warning! This Ballot Measure Could kill Legalization in Florida


Amendment would take Power from the People


Popular California marijuana company gets Florida license, prepared to open in 2021

Popular California marijuana company gets Florida license, prepared to open in 2021

Miami Herald

COOKIES, headed up by Bay-area rapper Gilbert Anthony Milan Jr., or “Berner,” has acquired one of Florida's 22 coveted medical marijuana treatment...




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