A Florida man who spent 31 years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana crime has been released

Updated 3:45 PM ET, Wed December 9, 2020

After spending 31 years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana crime, the man thought to be the longest-serving inmate convicted on cannabis charges in the US has been released.

Richard DeLisi, 71, was released Tuesday from the South Bay Correctional Facility in Palm Beach County, the Florida Department of Corrections confirmed to CNN.
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The Case for a Pro Cannabis Attorney General Explained

  Weedmaps, November 25, 2020  

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Some Doctors May Ask Florida Lawmakers to Reverse Course allowing Medical Marijuana to be Smoked

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via Florida Channel November 2020


Warning! This Ballot Measure Could kill Legalization in Florida


Amendment would take Power from the People


Popular California marijuana company gets Florida license, prepared to open in 2021

Popular California marijuana company gets Florida license, prepared to open in 2021

Miami Herald

COOKIES, headed up by Bay-area rapper Gilbert Anthony Milan Jr., or “Berner,” has acquired one of Florida's 22 coveted medical marijuana treatment...


Edible Pot Products Get State Go Ahead in Florida

Cookies, cakes and candies infused with THC could be coming soon


News 4 Jax



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Richard DeLisi, 71, suffers in a Florida prison while others make millions on marijuana


Lawmaker Revises Misleading Comments On Marijuana Protections In Congressional Report


Florida May Make Telehealth Services for Medical Marijuana Permanent

Via High Times/Florida Politics

Update: Telemedicine extended 60 days through 9/5/20

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Telehealth services that were made available to Florida’s medical marijuana patients due to the coronavirus pandemic may become a permanent option...

That’s according to the web publication Florida Politics, which reported this week that the temporary provision first established at the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak—and then extended in May—might become a fixture in the state’s medical cannabis program...

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