Last Years Testimony by Rep Roach

Do not forget the Representative that filed this spoke to 0 Cannabis Physicians...Skip to 1 HR :33 Min in for the best parts.... 

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Doctors Face New Rules for Smokable Marijuana


End of tele­health re­cer­ti­fi­cation could mean end of treatment for some medical marijuana patients

"I have a lot of patients who have epilepsy who would not be good for that, especially when they're having multiple seizures a day," he said. "Or patients who have autism can get very violent and don't have patience to sit in the car for long periods of time."

Others need to travel with wheelchairs or other equipment. Berger said some of his patients drive as long as six hours to his office because he's one of the only board-certified pediatricians in the state who can grant certifications for medical marijuana. 

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Give to the Horrific Victims and First Responders in Surfside!

Do what you can to give to Surfside Florida in the Building Collapse!

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Winners and losers emerging from the 2021 Legislative Session

Florida for Care — In the successful fight against efforts to decrease and limit the potency of medical marijuana, there is no individual or organization as engaged as Florida for Care. 

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Florida Medical Cannabis THC Content Bill Criticized

Herald Tribune

71 percent of voters approved...

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Deat of Medical Marijuana Bill is Matter of life and Death

News-Press Florida, Guest Opinion

My incredible wife of 31 years has Stage 4 Colorectal cancer. When Suzy was diagnosed in 2018, she was given only 24 months or less to live. Thankfully, she is beating the odds through aggressive treatment and medication.

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Doctors Push Back On Marijuana Potency Arguments

Health News Florida | By Dara Kam - News Service of Florida

The physicians spoke out after a committee approved a controversial proposal on THC limits being pushed by Republican lawmakers in the state House. Florida doctors on Thursday pushed back against allegations that the state’s medical marijuana program is being used by people seeking to get high for fun.

The physicians spoke out after a committee approved a controversial proposal being pushed by Republican lawmakers in the state House.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Spencer Roach, R-North Fort Myers, would impose THC potency limits for smokable medical marijuana and other cannabis products.

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Ben Pollara: THC caps and broken promises from Ray Rodrigues

By Ben Pollara, Florida for Care

For the Ft. Myers News_Press

“We’re going to treat marijuana like medicine and we will medical marijuana.”

That was then-Representative Ray Rodrigues back in 2017, a few days after the right to medical marijuana was formally established in our state’s constitution. That right, of course, was made law by the over 71% of Floridians who voted “yes” on Amendment 2 in the 2016 elections. 

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Share Rep. Roach files THC limits on medical marijuana

Could 10% caps on smokable cannabis be on the way? As written, bill would limit THC levels in smoked medical marijuana products.

By Jacob Ogles,

A new bill filed in the House would cap sum of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, levels in medical marijuana in Florida.

Rep. Spencer Roach, a North Fort Myers Republican, filed legislation (HB 1455) that, along with introducing new regulations on the industry, would restrict prescriptions to low-THC cannabis.

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