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The top 5 changes FFC would like to see for 2021 would be:

1- Stopping arbitrary THC caps
2- Employment protections to prevent the firing of someone just for being a medical marijuana patient
3- Allowing Telemedicine, at the very least for re-certifications
4- Allowing more listed qualifying conditions, discounting cards for veterans/disabled and fixing registry issues
5- Allowing our visiting patients temporary use while in Florida

FFC's Patient Protectors want current information, contact information, and to help when they can but to be a constant supporter. Patient protectors are patients, and they are also are the voice of the people in providing good information. They want to make sure Florida patients get the access they need. We need to make sure no patients are discriminated against at home or at work. They support FFC's research into finding and presenting the best scientific information and physician discussions. Does that sound like you? Then signup now. 

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