Miami Beach dispensary ban


This WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th, the Miami Beach City Commission is considering a BAN on medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits. 



Call or email Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber and let him know you oppose the Miami Beach plan to restrict patient access. 80% of Miami Beach voters supported Amendment 2 in 2016, this is NOT what the residents of the City want. 


Email Mayor Dan Gelber: [email protected]

Commissioners listed below 


Call Mayor Dan Gelber: 305-673-7035


Tell the Mayor "This is NOT what we voted for. Miami Beach patients deserve access."


Here are the facts: 

- In 2016, 71% of Floridians approved Amendment 2 - legalizing medical marijuana in Florida - and 80% of Miami Beach voters supported Amendment 2 that year. 

- Joy Malakoff, an UNELECTED member of the Miami Beach City Commission, has proposed changing the law to BAN medical marijuana dispensaries in Miami Beach. 

- Miami Beach ALREADY has one of the most restrictive laws on medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida! Since medical marijuana was legalized in 2016, only a SINGLE dispensary has open on the Beach. 

- The City Commission and Mayor will hear Malakoff's proposal this WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th. 

- Residents of Miami Beach can speak publicly from 8 am to 9 am at the "Sutnik Hour" for up to three minutes - if you live in Miami Beach, please come and make your voice heard!!!

- IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN MIAMI BEACH: Please come and show support! There are only a handful of dispensaries in Miami-Dade County - a ban in Miami Beach would hurt patient access across South Florida. 

Where: Miami Beach City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive 3rd Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139

When: 8AM Wed March 13th

Who to contact with questions: Jessica Landsberg, [email protected]

We need residents to come Residents can speak for 3 minutes during Sutnick hour, about why this doesn't work and give their suggestions. Some things we have heard are:

"Delivery is not enough, they only deliver once in my area"

"Patients shouldn't have to leave their homes or doctors to travel to the closest dispensary if they are unable to wait"

"Patients may not be able to get delivery at work, home, or be there the 1 day per week most dispensaries deliver and some will not deliver all of their products at all times some are only sold on locations"

"This all costs patients more money and for them to leave Miami Beach, delivery drivers increase traffic, and dont contribute to Miami Beach economy"

"These are not even like CVS or Walgreens as they only carry products they produce, meaning 1-3 is not enough by any means"


Tell your personal story and how these bans will be bad for patients!


Mayor and Commissioner Contact information 

Mayor Gelber phone: 3056737035
Mayor Gelber email: [email protected]

Commissioner Micky Steinberg phone: 305.673.7103
Commissioner Micky Steinberg email: [email protected]

Commissioner Mark Samuelian phone: 305.673.7104
Commissioner Mark Samuelian email: [email protected]

Commissioner Michael Góngora phone:305.673.7106
Commissioner Michael Góngora email: [email protected]

Commissioner Joy Malakoff phone: 305.673.7125
Commissioner Joy Malakoff  email: [email protected]

Commissioner Ricky Arriola phone: 305.673.7107
Commissioner Ricky Arriola email: [email protected]

Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán phone: 305.673.7102
Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán email: [email protected]




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