Miami Area Hospital Diagnoses Medical Marijuana Patient With Drug Abuse

A patient using Medical Marijuana to treat his epilepsy was diagnosed with Cannabis abuse disorder following a visit to the hospital. Mr. Morell was forced to visit the hospital after having an epileptic seizure. After a through questioning by his physician regarding his condition to determine what might have been the trigger, Mr. Morrel disclosed that he had been using medical marijuana to treat his Epilepsy. The physician who asked these questions to Mr. Morell then proceeded to arrange a consult with another physician to see to Mr. Morell's treatment for drug abuse and treatment. We at Florida For Care will continue to advocate for greater physician education on the subject of Medical Marijuana. It is a shame and disgrace that a licensed medical marijuana patient could be perceived as a drug abuser by a physician, especially after the physician who recommended him for Medical Marijuana was his Neurologist.



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