Marijuana Won The Midterm Elections


By Tom Angell

Tuesday’s election results were a mixed bag for partisans: Democrats regained control of the House, while Republicans extended their Senate majority.

But one clear winner in the midterm elections was marijuana.

Michigan voters approved a ballot measure making their state the first in the midwest to legalize cannabis.

Missouri approved an initiative to allow medical marijuana, as did Utah.

Voters in several Ohio cities approved local marijuana decriminalization measures, and a number of Wisconsin counties and cities strongly approved non-binding ballot questions calling for cannabis reform.

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  • Edmund Heafey
    commented 2018-12-24 18:08:40 -0500
    I think this is great, but we still need Federal approval in Florida, if you work you can’t use Medical Marijuana. The work places say it’s still illegal at a federal Level and if you get it even through the legal medical channels they have to let you go. Opioids are ok if you get it with a prescription, but not Medical Marijuana.



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