Flower Limits Back! And What YOU Can Do About IT!

The Flower Limits are BACK! For 4 years there was no flower, then 1 WEEK after our lawsuit & bill for flower they tried THC % limits for 3+ years! Now incredibly they're changing the CALENDAR on 35 Days! See the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) Update below...Now they want a rolling limit without rollover...

If you are confused what this will mean, that is part of the issue...every day your limit may adjust. This will hurt lower income, elderly and disabled patients the MOST. (Much like telehealth being gone) This isn't pay a $5 copay and leave, YOUR VOTERS are paying out of pocket (until insurance covers) when they can afford to, and will now be more limited for not buying on Day 1!

Want to buy when your most relieving product is available?

Want to buy for a sale?

 Want to buy when you get paid and can afford to?         TOO Bad Now!

Similar to the State's BOM Cannabis Review Committee (that reports & doesn't include even 1 Cannabis Physician) they don't see how these changes can hurt doctors or patients! They need better advisors!

CALL/EMAIL OMMU and tell your story! Join us as we push back! Tallahassee here we come!

They keep trying to limit OUR AMENDMENT and may try to Limit ALL Amendments! Stay Tuned! 

CONTACT NOW!  [email protected] AND CALL (850)245-4657



You can also find and contact your legislator here: 

Contact Your Own Legislators Here Today! Tell them to support these bills!

They are complaining about the new 35 Day Limit Issues. They are asking why there isnt a 35 Day overage form as statute required for over 2 years & More!



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