Deat of Medical Marijuana Bill is Matter of life and Death

News-Press Florida, Guest Opinion

My incredible wife of 31 years has Stage 4 Colorectal cancer. When Suzy was diagnosed in 2018, she was given only 24 months or less to live. Thankfully, she is beating the odds through aggressive treatment and medication.

One of these life-saving medications is cannabis.

I am far from a natural activist, but my wife’s health journey has forced me into that role. After Suzy’s diagnosis, I took six months of time off work to best care for her, and to study the efficacy of various medical treatments, including marijuana. Every doctor or specialist that we have consulted, either here in Southwest Florida or at Mass General (where we had a second opinion done), has recommended cannabis to us for symptom management and for help alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy…because it really works...

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