I’ve worked in politics and advocacy for quite a while, and yet it’s still amazing to me how some politicians so blatantly serve their own interests rather than the very dire needs of their constituents.

Case in point: If you have cancer in this state, while there is now a process for you to get a medical marijuana card and have access to a dispensary, that process is way too slow and overburdened by bureaucracy.

Once you do get a card, you will have to travel way too far to get access to a dispensary—a consequence of (illegally) slow licensing at the state level, and the immoral moratoriums that are blocking dispensaries at the local level.

For people with cancer, MS, and other painful conditions, the obstacles and obstructionists are leading to more suffering.

We are fighting for them, but we desperately need more resources to be effective.

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Thank you,

Ben Pollara
Director, Florida for Care



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