Award 2021 Survey

In the space below, please write the: 1. Name of the Nominee for an award 2. Number award you will be nominating them for

The top 6 nominees in each category will become the final group voted on by 9/21/21. Nominees may be people or organizations. The Awards Available are: 1. Cannabis Community Giveback Champion 2. Cannabis Event Champion 3. Fl Elected Official Cannabis Champion 4. Federal Cannabis Advocate Champion 5. Florida Cannabis Community Advocates Champion 6. Florida Cannabis Community Physician Champion 7. Public Figure Cannabis Advocate Champion 8. Florida Cannabis Brand Champion 9. Florida Cannabis Flower Champion 10. Florida Cannabis Concentrate Champion 11. Best Cannabis Innovation Champion 12. People’s Choice (Nominations through 9/21/21) *13. Confused by Science Champion* List Award # Name of the Award EXAMPLE: TO Nominate someone for Cannabis Event Champion Award You would type: #2 Cannabis Event Champion - NOMINEE NAME



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