10% Cap on THC

The House Appropriations Committee will be taking HB 7117 up tomorrow Tuesday 4/9 at 10:30 AM for a VOTE. Last Wednesday morning over objections from many lawmakers, the Health and Human Services Committee of the Florida House approved PCB HHS 19-02 from Ray Rodrigues which became HB 7117.

This bill has a lot of VERY BAD issues mixed in with a few good things like a veteran ID card discount FFC has been fighting for and emergency rulemaking. See some of these below and read the full bill as well, but before you do that make sure you CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS below and tell them about all of the negatives in this bill for patients. They are so BAD many veterans went all the way to Tallahassee to speak against this! (Video below) These need to be amended, or they need to NOT pass this bill!! 71% of Florida did not vote for 10%! Patients are just asking that the legislature give them what 71% of Florida voted for, whole cannabis medicine! Call Your Elected Officials!

HB 7117 is Negative for Patients because it would:
-Cap THC Limits to 10% on flower products
-Further limit patients to a 35 day supply
-Add further limitations for 18+ and pediatric patients
-Push back testing regulations further

Here is the bottom line:

-This bill will actually make patients have to smoke more to get the relief they need (The House led the charge against smoking and now will cause more for patients to get the relief they need)

-This bill will basically be a tax on patients (Patients will have to spend and consume more driving them to the black market)

-They want to test to make sure THC isn't too high, is that for just THC, or THC-A & THC-B or anything else?(Do they know there is more then just THC and CBD in this plant? They havent even gotten their testing or research regulations implemented correctly and yet keep adding more)

-Limiting THC will not stop with just edibles and smoked cannabis, they will claim this about other products next if they can find one study to back up their claim (This is AS BAD OR WORSE then their genius idea for a 90 day wait way back)

-This bill needs its negatives amended or this bill must be stopped. 71% Did not vote for 10% limitations and they are asking for lawsuits all while hurting patients AGAIN! Maybe they should amend it to 71%!

You can find the full Bill details here:…/Bills/billsdetail.aspx…

If you can contact your legislators the best way is to do so is below:
Appropriations Committee

W. Travis Cummings (R)
(850) 717-5018

Vice Chair
Dane Eagle (R)
(850) 717-5077

Democratic Ranking Member
Kionne L. McGhee (D)
(850) 717-5117

Bryan Avila (R)
(850) 717-5111

Cord Byrd (R)
(850) 717-5011

Ben Diamond (D)
(850) 717-5068

Bobby DuBose (D)
(850) 717-5094

Nicholas X. Duran (D)
(850) 717-5112

Joe Geller (D)
(850) 717-5100

Kristin Jacobs (D)
(850) 717-5096

Evan Jenne (D)
(850) 717-5099

Mike La Rosa (R)
(850) 717-5042

Chris Latvala (R)
(850) 717-5067

Thomas J. ''Tom'' Leek (R)
(850) 717-5025

MaryLynn Magar (R)
(850) 717-5082

Ralph Massullo, Jr. (R)
(850) 717-5034

Cary Pigman (R)
(850) 717-5055

Scott Plakon (R)
(850) 717-5029

Rene Plasencia (R)
(850) 717-5050

Holly Merrill Raschein (R)
(850) 717-5120

Paul Renner (R)
(850) 717-5024

Ray Wesley Rodrigues (R)
(850) 717-5076

Carlos Guillermo Smith (D)
(850) 717-5049

Chris Sprowls (R)
(850) 717-5065

Richard Stark (D)
(850) 717-5104

Jay Trumbull (R)
(850) 717-5006

Barbara Watson (D)

(850) 717-5107

Jayer Williamson (R)
850) 717-5003

Clay Yarborough (R)
(850) 717-5012

Appropriations Committee Hearing: Tuesday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Webster Hall 212 Knott Click Appear at meeting

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  • Eddie Currents
    commented 2019-04-09 13:24:21 -0400
    It’s tough when dealing with Marijuana in Florida. Since I began my quest 3 years ago, I’ve spent over $1300 in obtaining my license, made 3 trips to Tampa and back, many phone calls, emails, several visits to Opthomologists as well as several to Marijuana specific doctors and finally, 2 days ago, a 70 mile journey to Trulieve (nearest to me in The Villages) where I waited over 2 hours to eventually purchase 4 – 1/8 oz containers of Medical Marijuana for $212. Florida allows me 2.5 ozs/month and considering $212 for 1/2 oz, that would be $424/oz x 2.5 = ~$1060/mo !! Such a deal. I’m fully disabled, no car and on Medicaid. I get $700X+/month and $15 in food stamps. THAT’S IT. So perhaps you see the disparity? After 3 years, Florida lawmakers have managed to produce THIS mess? WHAT do they do all day long? BTW, I believe this is the most costly Medical Marijuana in America and the hardest to obtain. I have to renew my license every year ($125) and drive at least 70 miles to obtain product. Has anyone considered starting a class action suit against the State of Florida for the delays, costs and the exclusive monopoly Trulieve has for selling it? I feel this is the only way to let “the powers that be” know Florida citizens are fed up. I KNOW Governor Scott sabotaged the Pot business here and he made a bundle of green backs doing so. And his legacy lives on. Worst system in the USA, most expensive and embarrassing. The future’s bright!



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