It has come to our attention that many patients who are looking to purchase a firearm, or hold special firearm licenses such as Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Permits are deeply concerned about the possible infringement of their constitutional right to bear arms as a licensed medical marijuana patient here in the State of Florida. Unfortunately the truth is not something any of us want to hear. Medical Marijuana patients under Federal Law are prohibited from purchasing new firearms during the... Continue >

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  • Miami Area Hospital Diagnoses Medical Marijuana Patient With Drug Abuse

    Posted: 08/14/2019
    A patient using Medical Marijuana to treat his epilepsy was diagnosed with Cannabis abuse disorder following a visit to the hospital. Mr. Morell was forced to visit the hospital after having an epileptic seizure. After a through questioning by his physician regarding his condition to determine what might have been the trigger, Mr. Morrel disclosed that he had been using medical marijuana to treat his Epilepsy. The physician who asked these questions to Mr. Morell then proceeded to arrange a consult with another physician to see to Mr. Morell's treatment for drug abuse and treatment. We at Florida For Care... Continue >
  • Letter From A Supporter - Marco Island

    Posted: 07/08/2019
    Coastal Breeze News Susan Leslie   Many thanks to the Marco Island (MI) councilors who voted in favor of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Marco Island. Their support allows any and all of us to have a “choice” of treatment for life threatening and unseen illnesses which are experienced by many, readily available in our neighborhood. Having a “mature” population, the residents of MI should be able to secure the medications they need without having to travel 15 or more miles or rely on delivery of the medications. There is no stigma associated with going to a pharmacy for... Continue >
  • Marco

    Posted: 06/27/2019
    Marco Island City Council greenlights medical marijuana dispensaries Omar Rodriguez Ortiz, Marco Eagle The Marco Island City Council voted Monday in favor of a resolution that provides regulations for medical marijuana dispensing facilities on the island. The resolution passed 5-2, despite the nay votes of Chairperson Erik Brechnitz and councilor Howard Reed. The approved resolution reaffirms medical marijuana dispensing facilities are allowed within Marco Island subject to the same regulations as pharmacies and restrictions provided in the Florida Statutes. On June 3, the City Council voted in favor of a motion to instruct the city attorney to draft the resolution. That motion passed 5-2 with... Continue >



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