The House Appropriations Committee will be taking HB 7117 up tomorrow Tuesday 4/9 at 10:30 AM for a VOTE. Last Wednesday morning over objections from many lawmakers, the Health and Human Services Committee of the Florida House approved PCB HHS 19-02 from Ray Rodrigues which became HB 7117.

This bill has a lot of VERY BAD issues mixed in with a few good things like a veteran ID card discount FFC has been fighting for and emergency rulemaking. See some... Continue >

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  • Smokeable Flower Available in Florida!

    Posted: 03/26/2019
    Fired up: Trulieve Tallahassee dispensary first to sell smokable medical marijuana in Florida Jeffrey Schweers, Tallahassee Democrat Three days after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law revoking a ban on smokable medical marijuana, Trulieve scored the first sale of whole-flower bud in Florida this morning at its Tallahassee dispensary. Trulieve’s smokable product will be sold at all 26 of the medical marijuana treatment center's dispensaries, including Pensacola, Melbourne, Fort Myers, Vero Beach, and Miami. The cannabis will be available in a rotating selection of popular strains and forms, including pre-roll. Read the full article HERE Continue >
  • Smokeable Flower has been SIGNED INTO LAW

    Posted: 03/26/2019
    Up in smoke: Gov. DeSantis signs Bill into law killing ban on smokable medical marijuana Jeffrey Schweers, Tallahassee Democrat Governor Ron DeSantis signed the first bill of his administration into law today, lifting a ban on the sale of smokable medical marijuana by licensed dispensaries. He also filed a joint motion in state appellate court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by medical marijuana advocates against the state challenging the constitutionality of a 2017 law that made smokable medical marijuana illegal. Read the full article HERE  Continue >
  • Proposed BAN on Miami Beach

    Posted: 03/18/2019
    Miami Beach officially dropped the ban proposal on March 13 after the public sutnick hour and having received many emails opposing. watch the meeting HERE Continue >



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