ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Attorneys general across the United States have joined together in urging lawmakers to pass banking reform legislation that would allow the banking industry to work with businesses in the legal marijuana industry.

Last week, attorneys general in 30 states and 4 U.S. territories sent a letter to Congress asking them to pass the SAFE Banking Act, or something similar, to protect banks that work with marijuana businesses. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was not among... Continue >

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  • Medical marijuana industry growing quickly, not list of qualified doctors

    Posted: 05/14/2019
    There are more than 80,000 licensed doctors in Florida, but just over 2,000 are currently qualified to prescribe medical marijuana to patients. Physicians interested in Medical Marijuana Click HERE Contact us directly if you have any questions   Returning from Iraq after the deadliest year for U.S. soldiers in the war, a local veteran said his life was completely different. "I was just kind of like, I felt like a shell of a person," said the soldier who wanted to go by Jake. Jake said he was on prescribed medications that numbed him. He started looking into alternatives like medical... Continue >
  • Smokable medical marijuana: Woman talks life-changing effects

    Posted: 05/14/2019
    WEARETV ABC 3 Pensacola FLby Renee Beninate In 2010, Allman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She was confined to her bed and wheelchair, taking 50 pills a day. "I literally for the last nine years felt lost for a while on all those medications - 50 drugs a day. I spent a couple years after I was diagnosed just completely in a daze," she said. Today, she can now walk, only takes five medications a day and has gotten off opioids. She said medical marijuana has been the difference. Read the full article HERE Continue >
  • Top City Officials Pushback Against Decriminalizing Marijuana

    Posted: 05/14/2019
    WUSF Public Media By ABUKAR ADAN Florida voters in 2016 approved a constitutional amendment that legalized medical marijuana. And while recreational use is still illegal, cities and counties across the state are loosening up penalties. Read the full article HERE Continue >



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