Jordan Wellington

Jordan Wellington

Former Policy Analyst, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division

Jordan Wellington, Esq., an associate at Vicente Sederberg LLC, graduated cum laude from Brooklyn Law School in May of 2009. His primary focus at Vicente Sederberg is on regulatory compliance and government affairs. In 2013, Jordan served as the sole legislative staffer assigned to shepherd the legislation relating to the implementation of Amendment 64 and the legalization of marijuana through the Colorado General Assembly. Jordan was then hired by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division to serve as the sole policy analyst during the development and drafting of the rules governing retail marijuana and the revised rules governing medical marijuana. During his time with the Marijuana Enforcement Division, Jordan drafted rules governing testing, cultivation, product manufacturing, concentrate production, retail distribution, production management, transportation, certification of laboratories, labeling, packaging, and storage. He also organized the Division’s entire stakeholder engagement process and personally chaired several of the working groups. Jordan is honored to be selected to serve on Marijuana Research Advisory Group, which was convened by the Colorado School of Public Health at UCD, and Advisory Board on Good Marijuana Cultivation and Handling Practices, convened by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. In addition to his expertise in the regulation of the marijuana industry, Jordan has also worked for the New Jersey Legislature, New York Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, and the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ. Also, Jordan is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Prevent Child Abuse Colorado.



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