I’ve worked in politics and advocacy for quite a while, and yet it’s still amazing to me how some politicians so blatantly serve their own interests rather than the very dire needs of their constituents.

Case in point: If you have cancer in this state, while there is now a process for you to get a medical marijuana card and have access to a dispensary, that process is way too slow and overburdened by bureaucracy.

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  • Florida Politics: State to medical marijuana company: Stop selling vape pens

    Posted: 11/21/2017
    State regulators have told a South Florida medical marijuana provider to quit selling “unapproved” vape pens. The Department of Health‘s Office of Medical Marijuana Use sent a “cease and desist” letter Monday to Curaleaf of Miami. It also tells the company to stop “running unapproved advertisements encouraging (its) product to be used in a manner inconsistent” with state law. Florida bans medical marijuana from being smoked, but does allow vaporizing, or “vaping.” Vape pens generally are battery-powered devices that heat the cannabis, allowing the user to inhale the vapor produced. The state told Curaleaf, formerly called Costa Nurseries, that it... Continue >
  • Miami New Times: Miami Nursery Sues to Demand Florida Allow More Medical Pot Farms

    Posted: 11/21/2017
    After voters overwhelmingly legalized medical marijuana a year ago, Florida was supposed to issue ten new pot-growing licenses to nurseries by October 3. But the state has dragged its feet in implementing nearly every aspect of the law, from issuing cards to patients to passing basic regulations on who can smoke cannabis and when they can smoke it. Now it's farmers' turn to be upset with Tallahassee. The state blew its October deadline to issue those new weed-growing licenses, and today a Miami-Dade-based grower, Bill's Nursery, sued the state in federal court to demand the Florida Department of Health (DOH)... Continue >
  • Entrepreneur: Doctors and Patients In Florida Are Embracing Medical Marijuana

    Posted: 09/09/2017
    While much of the marijuana news has focused on potential federal interference with legalized marijuana and California joining the ranks of legal recreational marijuana states, Florida has started what should become a mammoth medical marijuana business. Projections vary on the size of the Florida market for medical marijuana but the consensus estimate is that it will exceed $1 billion by 2020. Sales started this year and business has rapidly expanded across the state. A list kept by the state shows that more than 1,200 doctors have been authorized to prescribe medical marijuana. When voters approved legalized medical marijuana in November... Continue >



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